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For many players, coaches and administrators alike, outdoor synthetic grass is their preferred tennis surface. Why? Quite simply it offers excellent play characteristics, is easy on the joints and is less affected by adverse weather conditions than any other surface.

Developed over the past 27 years, the short pile TigerTurf is tested to ITF standards and is classed as a medium to fast surface, which takes spin and offers excellent grip. Installed by experts trained 'in house', TigerTurf tennis is available in a combination of exciting colours, which now include blue and grey. Moreover, players of all ages and abilities benefit from the added resilience offered by the dense fibre.TigerTurf Surface has been selected for Devis Cup tie.

The long pile TigerTurf tennis offers affordability for the private court owner who is looking for the ultimate recreational surface. Our long pile surfaces for private homes are long lasting, low maintenance and fit into any home and landscaped setting.

The introduction of a new synthetic Clay surface, which has similar playing characteristics to natural clay has proven very popular with coaches and players. This surface offers a fantastic new option for clubs, particularly for coaching and up and coming promising players, who want to hone their skills on a surface usually only found in Europe.


  • Used in three main areas a. Clubs b. Privates c. Schools
  • Staple tennis products use fibrillated yarns which are sand filled. They last 7-10 years.
  • Use of colours to provide differentiation & design.
Pile Height
Product Spec
  • Volley
  • 7mm without shockpad
  • Polyethylene Monofilament
  • Texturised
  • Short pile – Non-infill
  • Tennis surface for indoor use & concrete bases.
  • ITF = Fast
  • T1000
  • 19mm without shockpad
  • Polypropylene 888
  • Fibrillated
  • Sand filled
  • High end fibrillated surface.
  • ITF rated Med/Fast
  • ClayTurf
  • 11mm without
  • shockpad
  • Polypropylene 888
  • Fibrillated
  • Heavily Sand filled
  • Topped heavily sanded with fine red sand to offer slide.
  • Classic
  • 19mm without shockpad
  • Polypropylene 888
  • Fibrillated
  • Sand filled
  • Economic Use in NZ Multi’s.
  • Not rated

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